Peekapoo Pekeapoo Puppies

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These are videos of my dogs, Pekingese and Poodles we like to have bon fires at night and let the dogs run around, I like this first video, it shows everyone knows their names
Video: Maggie wants petted
Video: Roxy Jumps

Sneaky Dave

This is my favorite video, it shows how smart Dave is, Barbara was in heat so I had her locked up to keep the boys away, she kept getting out and I couldn't figure out how so I set up my video camera and watched...

my breeding dogs are mostly shaved short, they usually have full fluffy coats, the fluffy dogs are my show dogs


Dogs running around

Video of my poodles Dave, Brad, and James

Dave loves his job
Dave loves the hair dryer and comes running when you tun it on, he does the same when I flat iron my hair, I have to flat iron his ears or he won't leave me alone

My dogs

My Doggies