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 We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing new addition to our family.  Riley has been so wonderful and Justin and I are forever grateful to have him in our lives.  He is SO well behaved and a blast to play with.  YES, he IS getting the crap spoiled out of him    and has found his way into our bed to sleep with us at night (this happened the very first night of course!)
 We will send pictures when we get them developed (after we move, our first investment is a digital camera)!
 Thank you again.
 Tiffany and Justin                    

 Riley is Tyra and Dave's peekapoo puppy



Hi Amy,
     Just wanted to let you know Romeo is doing so great he was house trained in two weeks and is just the best puppy, he sleeps with me all night and never gets up until I do,He weighed 2.6lbs went i brought him home and 3weeks later he weighed 3.4 when I took him for his shots, he has grown ,but now I hope he stays just like he is, I am so happy with him I will be sending pictures soon. Renee'


Hi Amy,

Five years ago yesterday my best friend was born. 
I came to pick her up May 26 2008 and these past five years have been nothing but joy thanks to my puppy. Life has its ups and downs and seeing that peekapoo face everyday has made it that much easier. I wanted to email you just to say thank you for being a wonderful breeder. I came from PA to pick her up and have told numerous amounts of people about where she came from hoping they would come see you. Im not going to lie when peoples faces have dropped when i tell them its worth the drive to Akron, Ohio. They always reply "Ohio????" And i say "Yup". 
Shes doing great. Sometimes shes a little diva"ish" and i lovingly tell her its the "dave" in her. Come on...poodles are high maintance. Hahaha...jk. 
I wanted to send a pic of her because besides me, she makes so many people laugh and smile and if thats not a puppies purpose i dont know what it.
Oh and ps...she dressed up for her bday...shes not always in bandanas. It was a special bday.
Thanks again for what you do. I'm very happy with my pooch.
Krissy Beauvais and Sadie



 Dear Ed and Amy,

We got back to Chattanooga safe and Sheba is doing great and adapting beautifully. She is really more than I had hoped for. The entire family is pleased.

I am really looking forward to getting a male from Steve when he mates. Let me know when I can give you the down payment. I think a puppy from him will be well worth the wait.

I will stay in touch and send you pictures as Sheba grows. I am constantly looking at your web site. I wish you continued success.


Sheba is Diane and Dave's peekapoo puppy


                                                                                                                                    Candy is so playful. She is pottytrained and goes outside. She sleeps in her crate and shes starting to like it. She has some friend dogs from the neighborhood and she bullies them around. Were trying now to break her chewing habit. She's found a toy she likes. She had her first bath today and has already had her 2nd shots. Shes doing so good.


I sent you some photos of Emy she will be a year old in November. She has been a delight. Emy weighs about 6-7lbs. She is deffinately a lap dog. Her personality is very sweet and timid. Loves to be held and snuggles in blankets.We have another dog and they get along great. I would love to buy more of your dogs. She is so easy going and easy to train!!!!!
Myra Peterson
will send more photos just figured out my new camera!!!!


 Ben is Barbara and Dave's Peekapoo puppy

I am totally in love with this little guy.  He went to vet on Mon and of course passed with flying colors.  
 He is of course, a very gifted puppy!!!  I know, I am the ma-ma so what do I know.  Actually, the box training is going very well.  He has not had a urine accident since we got him. I toilet him every 2 hrs but he also goes into the box on his own.  Has been dry everynight he has been here. 
Still some whimpering at night but after a few minutes he settles down and sleeps in his crate like a good boy.
 He does not alway do so well with bowel movements.  He acts like it is a total suprise to him....but we will get there.
 He has stolen the hearts of the whole family and gets tons of attention.
 Thanks so much for breeding such a beautiful puppy.


 Hi Amy,
Just wanted to let you know that Dolly and Mattie are settling in just fine. They are learning to "go potty outside". They already know how to "sit" and my daughter is working on "down".  They are so smart. Here are a couple  pictures that we took and thought you would like to see their progress.  Talk to you soon.  Deb

Dolly and Mattie are Patty and Dave's peekapoo  girls

Hey Amy,

    Sorry it took a couple of days to check in with you. Lefty is doing well he visited the vet on Tuesday and he checked out fine. He was 2.12 pounds he lost a little weight getting sick on the trip home, but has gained that and then some back already. You should really think about shipping your puppies to California. I took him out shopping yesterday and couldn’t take two steps without a million questions. Everyone thinks his the cutest thing on earth. He’s temperament is great and he’s definitely a people pleaser. I’m glad I made the trip out. He’s everything I was looking for and more. Sometimes you have to put in a little extra effort to get the results that can change your life for the better. He’s a happy little guy that brings a smile to my face everyday.

         Lefty is Stacy and Dave's peekapoo  puppy








Kobi is Macy and Dave's peekapoo puppy


Hi Amy,

Brad finally got around to taking some pictures. These are at 13 weeks.  As you can tell brad likes to take the artistic pics and the first one is showing you the color of his head. He is getting really big and tall and his feet are huge! His coloring is really unique and I hope it stays…. I think he is about ready for a groom.  He goes Monday for his shots. He is so adorable and playful…almost makes us think about getting another one!!!

Hope all is well




Well, Belle is doing great. She's so adorable. Sometimes we think we have a bunny the way she hops and moves around so fast. She does well at night. I take her outside to go potty and she does great. Lets me know when she is done and wants to go in. She even insists on going the same direction we've been going to go back in by putting her butt up and head down toward ground but looking up at me with those little eyes, and not budging till we go the correct direction on one side of the shed back into the house. So funny.  Shawna still keeps her distance, but Baillie goes on the floor more and more until the little one chases her back up onto the couch.
We had taken her for her checkup and of course she checked out fine. She weighs 2 lbs. Will see how she progresses.
I will periodically send a picture to keep you updated on her progress.
Thanks so much in giving me the opportunity to have her, we are really happy with her.
Take care,




Hi Amy,


Just a note to let you know that our new puppy is doing just fine. He survived the ride home without a problem.
His first night, he cried a little but then settled down for the night. Sunday night was better and tonight, not a wimp out of him.
We are very pleased with our new addition. He is most lovable and we love him back.
When you can a chance if you can send his pictures. I would very much appreciate it.
Again thanks for this wonderful puppy.
Ronnie Renna


Jade at 7 months

She was Farrah's last litter. She is still ornery. She wants to be the
top dog whenever she is around bigger dogs. We leave her out during
the day when we're at work and school and she's very well behaved.
Just don't leave anything in the shape of a stick like a pencil on the
floor. She also doesn't eat her food until we are seated and eating
dinner. After she eats she drinks a lot of water, walks away, and lets
out a big belch. It's hilarious. Something else that's funny is
bedtime. When she hears my Windows computer shutdown noise at night
she runs into her cage! She knows I'm finally going to bed. She knows
lots of tricks like rolling over and doing the hokey pokey. Our
daughter is so busy with school and music that she doesn't play with
Jade much. Of course, she hasn't picked up much poop either. Jade
likes to wait for Dad to come home for that. Jade loves to cuddle on
the couch with us. She also helps Virginia when she's mad by trying to
lick her tears. It's hard to cry with a dog licking your face. My
husband is a runner and she loves to lick the salt off his legs after
a run.

That's our Jade report!


Hi, Amy, it's Judy Hooks from Memphis.  My daughter, Courtney, and I met you and your husband in Lexington, KY, in DEC and picked up the sweetest bundle of joy I've ever known, Miss Ellie.  Courtney is going to send you some pictures of Ellie soon, but I couldn't resist sending you the attached picture when I brought her to work earlier this week.  A friend sat her down on an orange chair and took this adorable picture of her.
I believe Ellie has one of the sweetest natures in a dog I've ever seen, and I'm sure it's due to her breeding and the care in which she was brought into this world and treated after she got here.  She has improved the quality of life for all of us since the day we picked her up.  Everyone who has met her (including strangers) instantly fall in love with her when they see her sweet face!  Courtney moved out on her own in February, and Ellie is the love of her life.  She is so smart...Courtney has taught her so many tricks!
We love looking at your web site -- it's the greatest!  I saw where Roxy and Dave had puppies in April that would be ready in June and that I'm probably too late in getting one of those puppies.  Do you plan on breeding them again later on in the year or next year?  I would love to have a sister of Ellie for my husband and me.
Thanks so much and keep doing the wonderful work that you do!
Judy Hooks


Hi Amy,
Krissy and I are ready for another baby..we would love to have Dave and Barbara as the parents. We love our Sadie(she is a  year old on 3/26/09). She is a Gem!! When are they available? If not now, let me know! We love our baby and I'm excited for her to have a younger sister to play with! I am available 24/7 for your calls and like before...we will be driving from Eastern PA to pick her up!! Thank you again and check out her 1st train ride!!
Thanks Again!
Dave,Krissy and (our baby) Sadie



Hi Amy!
Well we made it through our first week and it was a week of adventure and discovery for Daisy.  I know, Trinity is a great name I just wasn't feeling it for her.  Guess we'll just have to get another puppy from you later and give her that name.  Anyway, her vet visit went great.  She has umbiblical hernia and the vet assured me that is a very easy fix. 
I am so happy that we got her.  We have not stopped laughing at her all week long.  I knew she was going to be adventurous when she climbed my shoulder and spent the entire 6 hour drive home around the back of my neck.  As you can tell from one of the pictures I have sent she has to do everything her big brother Mace does.  And she has managed to steal many of hearts during her first week here.  Family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, everyone is doing their part to make sure she is spoiled.
Thank you so much Amy for everything.  It was such a great experience getting her.  I appreciate all of the pictures and videos that you sent.  It is so cool having pictures of her from day one.  I have attached a couple of pictures and will keep in touch with more as she gets older.  Thanks again and many blessings to you!
Andrea Buckler



Hi Amy, we are having such fun with Lola!!  She is so sweet and so smart—pees and poops outside and has us well-trained already; thanks for the wonderful job you did during the first 7 weeks of her life; she is confident and feisty but also affectionate and relaxed.  Thanks again, Earl and Kay


Hey Amy, I just wanted to touch base with you.  The puppy is just wonderful, she is a little doll.  She hardly cries at all, she's so loving and just a little black puffball.  We can't get enough of her.  She's doing ok with potty training.  We are just so happy with her and love her to death.  I will get a picture to you, as she grows.  Thanks for all the info on how to care for her.  Thanks so much and God Bless, Gina



Hi, Amy.  I'm glad you liked the pictures of Buster with my cat.  
Skylar only weighs 10 1/2 lb. but she does look enormous compared to  
Buster's 2.6 lb.  He is now back up to his "homecoming" weight.  We  
are enjoying him so much!  He's never had an accident in his crate (I  
keep him in Skylar's cat carrier for now).  And he is really smart--
knows "sit," "down," "speak," "paw pound," and he automatically  
"heels" on leash!  He is so wiggly and into everything, preferring  
not to be held.  I know that will come later.  I'm working on weaning  
him away from biting on my fingers and toes, but, hey, he's only 11  
weeks.  Thanks again for this wonderful little guy.

 Buster is Tyra and Dave's puppy



Letting you know Belle is doing fine. You will see from pictures she had a big haircut before I had her fixed on Thursday. Her coloring isn't solid black anymore. Don't know what color she will end up being. Think salt showing through the pepper. LOL. Seems to be more grayish strands than tan or white. Think she's about 5.8 lbs so far at 6 mos., so hope about done growing. LOL. She's still a little cutie. Can't get her to go for a walk with me, doesn't want to leave the yard, which is a good think. I'll be heading back to NH in September, so I'm glad I've gotten her before my move. Since I've gotten her to stop jumping on her sisters, they aren't getting upset with her as they had been. When we brought her home from her operation they were feeling bad for her, but maybe they think she's one of them now. LOL. Still has her accidents now and then, but hopefully that will stop completely before long. Hope you enjoy the pictures I've sent.
Take care, and many thanks for Belle


Hi, Amy.

Buster is housebroken!  He goes to the door and whines or barks to go  
out every time he needs to go.  He gets a lot more freedom now and  
that makes it so much more fun for all of us.  Thanks so much for  
your tips on using the crate--it made it so easy!

Since he weighs exactly 4 lb. at 16 weeks old, do you think he'll be  
around 8 lb. when he's fully grown?

I think I can now start counting his age by monthly increments  
instead of weekly.  We start obedience classes when he turns 5 months  
old and he'll be neutered (cringe) at 5 1/2 months.

Hope you enjoy these pictures.



Hi Amy,
Sorry I have not done better at keeping in-touch.  I wanted to get these new pictures of Buddy off to you.  I hope that you remember him.  We got him from you a few years ago.  He is just great and such a joy to have around, but I did spoil him.
Ray Crane



Hi Amy, I just wanted to let you know that Baby is doing great.  She is just the sweetest little baby.  We all love her.  I read the paper you gave me and at night I put her in her crate and she goes right to sleep, not a wimper out of her til morning when it's time to go potty.  She is just a great puppy.   I haven't gotten any pictures yet, but when I do I will send one.  I am thinking of attempting to groom her (we'll see how that goes).  Just wanted to touch base with you.  I hope all is well with you.  God Bless, Gina



Hi Amy,


I hope all is well in puppy paradise.  J


I took Tucker to the Vet today for his 72 hour check up and the Vet said that his was wonderful.. Heart sounded great with no murmur.  He does have a very small umbilical cord hernia that he said was no big deal and that he could fix it when we get him neutered.


While we were out, Cheryl wanted me to bring him by her office and of course his was a very big hit!!!  He has at least 5-6 new girlfriends/babysitters now…. HA!


Several wanted your website, so you might be getting some additional business from the Kokomo area…


Talk to you later…. Kent

Tucker is Diane and Dave's puppy there is a really cute video of Tucker on Diane's page....


Hi, Amy.

I just had to share these pictures with you. Now that Buster is approaching his
2nd birthday he has r
eally become much more mellow. He loves EVERYBODY and
can't get enough lovin'. And of course, everybody loves him and they all still
threaten to steal him from me.



Hi Amy, it's been months since I emailed you and I had to let you know what a wonderful puppy (and now doggie) Lola is.  You may recall her dad is Dave and mom Dharma; she was coal black until a few months ago and has now moved into the gray-black-brown range (a beautiful color); her temperament is spirited and loving.  We are training her at Signature K-9 in New Baltimore (south of Randolph)--nice folks; Lola is so smart, it's almost embarrassing in class sometimes; she is fearless, as well, and friendly to all (human or animal); you might surmise that Kay and I love her tremendously and owe her lovely character to your good breeding and kindness to her as a pup.  Do you groom/cut pups still?  Lola is in need of her 3rd trim, and we would be delighted if you would do this.  I would bring her to you at your earliest convenience.  Thanks again for everything--we are spreading your name to all we know. Best Wishes in your professional and private lives, Earl and Kay


Thank you so much for our puppy Peach.  She was one of Macy and Dave's pup from this past summer.  She has been such a joy in our lives and has made our house a home :)  She is 3.5 months old now and weighs 2.6 pounds and is in good health.  I have attached a picture of her in her Christmas sweater.  I hope you and your dogs are doing well.  I still go to your website to look at the cute new litters that arrive.  If we decide on a second dog we will let you know!

Thank you so much,  Holly and Terry



Hi Amy,

Just wanted to let you know how well Ari is doing. He is set for his last puppy shots coming up next week. His first shot back last month made him very achy... But he is so tiny that it is expected.  His coat makes him look so big though! It has grown so much and it is beautiful. I am dreading the day that he has to get it cut. I put a santa hat on him yesterday which pulled his hair back and his face looked so small... he honestly looks like a little bunny. I will send you a picture of him with his hat on... it will make you smile!

I cut his nails for the first time yesterday. He was excellent! He didn't mind one bit. He is so easy going! He lets me clean his eyes without a problem. He just sits there quietly and is very happy when I am done and licks my face.  One thing I am very impressed with is his natural ability to sit when I give him his food or a treat. I didn't even train him to do this, but he knows I won't give him a treat until he is sitting. I will work on teaching him tricks as he gets a bit older... right now his attention span is very limited and he is very wiggly and a wild maniac running throughout the house. Last night he decided that he wanted to sleep next to me, something that he has never done before. He is just the cutest little thing... we are so happy to have him = )

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Cassie & Eric  


Hi Amy!

I hope all is well with you! Cricket is approaching her first birthday and she is doing wonderfully! She is the cutest little thing. She got weighed at the Vet yesterday and she weighs 5.3 lbs. Her markings are so pretty. She is getting white markings under her chin, a little in her eyebrows and some on the tips of her tail.

She is lightning fast! She can leap from one couch to the next. I have a playpen for her which stands 2 feet high. I put her in there when she sleeps, but also when she misbehaves. I call it her time out spot. When she gets into something she is not supposed to or has an accident in the house (she knows better!!) I raise my voice and tell her "you are in a time out cricket!!" She runs through the downstairs and then leaps into her playpen from the top. It is hilarious!!! She moves like a cat and can be stubborn like one also. I just wanted you to know how loved she is. I tried to send you a picture of her from my phone. I hope you got it.

Take care and thank you for this wonderful addition to our family!

Cathy King


Hi Amy,

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!  I wanted to let you know what a complete joy Marcy is! She is the sweetest, most lovable little puppy!  She loves to be held. Edie can hold her for hours in her arms. Her tail is constantly wagging & she absolutely loves everyone who meets her.  She is not afraid of anyone!  She has lots of toys and runs around the house like a little wind up toy! She currently weighs a little over 2lbs. 


My Godmother, Edie, is totally in love with her.  She takes her everywhere.  I bought her a puppy purse for Christmas.  They go to the rehab hospital to visit patients, the drug store and she even took her to a local farm to see the Christmas lights!  They are inseparable!  Everyone who meets her cannot believe how incredibly cute she is.  Her personality is amazing.  I can’t believe that we could be so lucky to get a puppy with her personality.  No one can believe that we bought her over the internet without ever seeing her in person.


We took some pictures over the holidays so hopefully I will be able to email them to you. 

 I did see on your website the picture of Edie and Marcy.  How cute…

 I hope you are doing well and enjoying the holidays!

 Thank you so much for making my Godmother so happy~

 If you ever need a reference, please feel free to contact me.

 Thanks again!


Kristi Wilson



Hi Amy!
My name is Rachel. I am looking to buy a peekapoo puppy from you :)  About 2 years ago, my family bought our family dog Snickers from you, and I cannot begin to explain the love and joy he has brought to our family. My Aunt and her family also bought a little cream girl from you about a year ago. Most recently my sister and her husband just bought their puppy Ollie from you about a month ago. What can I say, we love your puppies! I have seriously been considering getting a puppy, and immediately resumed to you. Since 3 of the puppies scattered throughout our family are cream colored, I want to change things up a bit. I was thinking of either the red/apricot puppies or white puppies that are shown on your website. I was wondering which parents produce these colors, and if you are planning on having puppies in these colors anytime soon. If you could get back to me whenever you have a chance, that would be awesome! Hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks so much,


hi amy =)
i just wanted to let you know that the puppy is amazing. we ended up naming her cloe. she is soooo well behaved. she hasnt had a hard time transitioning to going to the bathroom outside. on the ride home she got a little bit car sick once or twice the first couple of hours but was fine the rest of the way back. she gets along great with my dogs and i'm just crazy about her.


Hi Amy,


I just wanted to let you know, now that we’re going into our third year, that Max is such a cool dog.  He’s incredibly smart, downright intuitive, and he’s a handsome boy too.  He’s not a coddled a dog but a 4-wheel drive pup who has accompanied us all over the wilderness.  He’s happy in water, in the desert, in the mountains, in a canoe, hanging out of a backpack, and he’s got the footing of a mountain goat!  He even caught a fish once.  For as tiny as he is (only 8 pounds), he even caught a bird once, and was incredibly proud to walk into the house with a garden snake hanging out of his mouth (YIKES!).


I just wanted to let you know that your dogs aren’t just pretty – they’re tough pups who show incredible adaptability and great sense of adventure – at least Max does.  And he’s great with my nine-month-old grandson, quite the guardian in fact.


Just wanted to let you know.






Hello Amy! I just wanted to write you and say thank you again so much for our puppies. They have brought so much excitement and joy into our lives! The whole family agrees we definately got the cutest & most rotten of all the puppies in their litter. I wanted to include some pictures to show you how much our puppies have grown and a little of what they have been up to! Hope you enjoy the pictures. We can never thank you enough! :)



Hi Amy,

Just wanted to send you a quick update about Bridget! She is 13 weeks
old today and a complete joy :-) She is an awesome puppy and has
truly become such an integral part of our family. Everyone we know
just adores her...and the most common thing we hear is, "aww, she's so
cute, she looks like a little ewok" (from Star Wars)! :-) We think
it's because she's so fluffy. She is doing very well at potty
training and is so much fun to be around- she loves to play and
absolutely loves the outdoors. She is still very dark in color, but
she is getting some light spots behind her ears; they're almost blond,
so we're excited to see how much color she gets as she grows....the
light spots are adorable! We just want to say thanks again, we love
her to death!

I've attached a few pictures of her for you- I know how you like to
see their progress. Please feel free to post them on your site if you
want- we think she's pretty darn cute! :-) Hope things are great for
you, thanks again!

:-) Larissa

Larissa A. Hunt
(269) 760-0323
7615 Andrea Lane
Portage, MI 49024


   Hi Amy,
   We just wanted to let you know that Sadie is doing great! She's getting used to us very well and knows where her food and water dishes are and loves to play! She is coming along good with the potty training. We have had accidents, but that's to be expected. she's a good girl. She just loves to be cuddled and held. she loves attention and is just the cutest thing we ever seen! We are going to try to get some good pics of her to put on face book, a lot of my friends asked to see pictures.
    She would fit real well with room to spare in her Christmas stocking. I want to get a picture of that too.
    I'll keep you updated and if I have any questions, I'll give you a call.  I had a couple I needed to ask you but can't remember what they are now.
     We want to wish you and Ed a beautiful and blessed Christmas and a healthy, happy and blessed New Year!!
      Merry Christmas,
    John, Joanie & Sadie


Pookie is wonderful!  Yes, you did give me her shot record.  Friday we got her 12 week puppy shots and she has gained 14 ounces - almost 1/3 of her original weight.  I've attached a picture.
Pookie is extremely smart.  She's mastered "come, sit, down" and is fairly close to "speak".  She is walking on a leash now.  Once we took her to a dog park and she saw that other dogs were walking on leashes, she accepted it.  Prior to that, she was more like a fish on a line. We go every Sunday morning to play with my mom's dog who is really good with her.  We went to PetSmart last week and she was definitely the hit of the store.
I hope that you have found good homes for her sister and brother. 
Best wishes,
- Karen


Hi Amy,
I hope this email finds you feeling better since we were last there.  I wanted to give you an update on our lovely little Harper.  He is now 3.6 pounds and the vet said he looks fantastic!  Everyone that has encountered him ooohs and ahhs over him.  He has quite the personality ( can be a little feisty) but is a lovable little pup.  We just love him and I wonder often what we did before him.  He still is having accidents in the house but the crate has been clean ever since the second night.  He absolutely loves to be outside and loves the snow.  He zips around in it like nobodies business, it's hysterical!
I forgot to ask you how much does Barbara weigh?  I knew you said Dave was 4 pounds.  How is Barbara doing since all her pups are gone?  Have you heard from anyone else that bought the same litter how much their puppies weigh now and what their little personalities are like?  I would love to hear about them.
Well eventually I will send pictures.  Thank you for everything and for talking to me and giving me advice on what to do with that pet store peekapoo.  If you ever need us for a referral feel free to have people email or call us. 
I would like to possibly attend the dog show in Canfield and see if you guys are there with your peeks and to show you Harper.
Take Care I hope to hear from you regarding Barbara and the pups.  Say Hello to Ed.
Darla,  Bruce, Kids and Harper too!


     Hi Amy,
     I just wanted to send you the latest picture of Sadie. We just had her groomed for the second time yesterday. Remember how white her back was when we got her in Dec. She has a lot of brown on her now. She is 7 1/2 months old and we just love her to pieces. She is our joy!!
I just thought you might like to see a picture of her now that she's older.
I keep watching your web site and enjoy seeing all the puppies.
Tell Ed John & I said hi. How are you guys doing?
Thanks for having such fantastic puppies! Sadie is very smart and we just adore her.
Thanks again Amy.
 Joanie Boozel


     Hi Amy,
     I just wanted to send you the latest picture of Sadie. We just had her groomed for the second time yesterday. Remember how white her back was when we got her in Dec. She has a lot of brown on her now. She is 7 1/2 months old and we just love her to pieces. She is our joy!!
I just thought you might like to see a picture of her now that she's older.
I keep watching your web site and enjoy seeing all the puppies.
Tell Ed John & I said hi. How are you guys doing?
Thanks for having such fantastic puppies! Sadie is very smart and we just adore her.
Thanks again Amy.
 Joanie Boozel


Hi again Amy and Ed,
All went well at the airport this morning!  WHAT A HUGE THRILL TO SEE THIS BEAUTIFUL LITTLE FACE LOOKING BACK AT US!  It took us an hour to get out of the airport and the parking lot, all eyes were on her, everyone wanted to see her.  I wrote your website down on a luggage slip for the fellow at the ticket counter, and told several others what it is.  At the car, another car pulled up next to us, and a young woman jumped out and came over so anxious to see the puppy.  She got your website too, and offered a suggestion for a name, Ginger.  So now you are  also famous in Rhode Island.  This little girl is just a joy, she was wagging her tail and just was so loving when we first held her.  George got the first kiss and she is planting them on me,  my granddaughter, sister and brother in law.  Sarah,( Grand Dau.) can't keep away from her a minute and the puppy is loving the attention.  How can this delightful little critter so small, be so fabulous and have such a personality already? ( We're missing the first page of the instruction sheet, can you email it to me? We've got 2 copies of the second page). She seems to be adjusting so well for her arrival day.  She even tinkled outside and it was drizzling rain.  Has eaten well, taking water and playing.  Thank you again for your loving touch to these puppies.  My husband said this is the best thing he's ever done for me. Nothing compares to this puppy...I am so happy I am bursting at the seams.  Can we have your cell phone # so we can send you pictures?  We haven't settled on a name yet, for now 'puppy' works just fine.  Thanks for all the good info and coupons in the packet.  We're keeping her on BilJac.  We trust your judgement. When someone does an exempliary job and has special talents and skill, they need to know they are appreciated....YOU ARE!   this experience of finding you on the internet, making a choice, waiting for the puppy, the anticipation and now the realization of actually having her, has been so much fun and uplifting.  Thank you many times over!   We will still be keeping up with you on your website.   Tonight we (3) hope to sleep.....G & W


I just wanted to send you a few pictures of Cricket. She is doing wonderfully and we just love her to pieces. She is such a kick, totally lives up to her name. The way she hops all over the house is a scream. Everyone that meets her just falls in love with her. I love her colors, I am so happy that I chose her and did not hold firm to a tuxedo pup. I cant imagine a sweeter more loving pup, she is a huge part of my family. She and my son race around the house and just wear each other out. She gets along wonderfully with my other dog. I will send you some more as she gets older. 

Best Wishes

Cathy King
Cricket is Akiane and Dave's puppy
> Amy, My daughter wanted to send you updated photos of Holly. She is now 1   year old and is doing well. My daughter thanks you for such a   wonderful dog. She is truly a blessing to her.



We are enjoying our little Lili,  Lili looks more peke with her underbite and longer lower jaw,  her favorite past time is fishing for ice cubes in her water bowl, she gets all 4 paws in, She is quite a character!  We are estimating her to be 6 lbs full grown 




Hi Amy,

I was excited to see on your website that Brandi & Butch had puppies again.  I thought I would update you on our puppy; the adorable tuxedo boy that we named "Charles" He is now almost 7 months old and weighs 13 lbs. 9 oz! He is a sturdy little guy with a pekingese build and a gorgeous shiny coat.  but what really makes him shine is his loving, sweet personality.  He's very outgoing and friendly and has quickly become the favorite dog in the neighborhood.  The Vet. and groomers love him, too, because he is so calm for his appointments.

   I remember you telling me that your friend's daughter had become very attached to this puppy. Will you please let her know that he is happy and healthy.  He stays in yard with his "brother" Berkeley (Macy and Dave's puppy 10/26/2010) and is friends with lots of dogs on our street.  His favorite treat is chicken jerky and he loves to play fetch with  mini tennis balls.  He oftens sleeps on his back and makes the tiniest, cutest puppy snoring sound.  He's learnning to "dance" like Berkeley does (a trick Berkeley learned from his dad Dave), and seems to have an affection for 80's music. 

    Attached are some photos of Charles at 6 months and Berkeley (now 2 years old!) having fun as "The Replacement Refs" for Halloween.

     Our dogs are beloved memebers of our family.  Words could never express our thanks for what you've done for us.


Christine McFarlane


Just wanted to send you a picture of our puppy, Lulu, that flew via Continental Airlines from Cleveland to Houston last September thanks to you. Our lives have really been changed since then....much better that is!!! Lulu is a delight...healthy, smart, and you can see ...beautiful. She was very easy to house break and that was very important since we live in a condo 4 stories up. We could not be more pleased.
In case you can't guess, Lulu is now in total charge of our boss I have ever had! 
Larry and CC Peterson



I dont know if you remember but I bought a dog off of you on sept 5 2011. Since then she's been one of the best things to ever happen to me. Shes so adorable and extremely smart as well as spoiled. Im now engaged to the guy in the picture who is so in love with her! Shes so smitten with him as well somethimes she'd rather cuddle with him then mommy lol. Everyone who meets her loves her to death right away and jokes on stealing her. She so well behaved and energetic but will also let you know when she wants her space. We joke and call her the queen lol. I just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas and thank you so much for one of the best gifts I've ever gotten! 


Hi Amy!
OMG, we loooooooove this boy! Hooper has totally stolen all our hearts and he is the boss of the house. I took him to the vet on Friday and he had a great check-up. His feisty personality is starting to show--he is a funny, funny little guy!
Thanks so much for breeding such a wonderful little pup. We plan to have many years of adventures with him!