Peekapoo Pekeapoo Puppies

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Our Dogs


A typical evening at our house, trying to watch TV with a bed full of dogs

  Rebecca, Timmy, Barbara, Stacy, Patty, Farrah, and Diane; next to Ed as usual
Star always has a ball in her mouth she will actually fetch it and put it at your feet


Dave teaching his puppies to dance      



Barbara chasing  Dave




Dave surfin the web






Mandy and Barbara

Contact Us: Amy (330)745-7858
One of my show dogs Claire Bear



  Star and James


 Akiane with her pig ear she always has a toy or something in her mouth

 Star and Claire

  Star, Brad, and James

  Brutus, Emily and Akiane




Snow Dogs   Pekes LOVE the snow

               Carrie Ann   




Mariah and Whitney  they are sisters,   Whitney is shaved down because she had puppies   they have Champion bloodlines


            Jillian and Jorga  daughter mother 


                         Whitney and Mariah 


                Star and Mariah 



                                         Flying Whitney


                Akiane and Star  Mother and Daughter  


             Whitney shaved down, she had puppies 







                          Whitney can fly!!!