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Cameo Peekapoos     We have puppies!     Check the available   puppy page

Peach is Macy and Dave's puppy   she is 3 1/2 months old in this photo

We are breeders in Akron Ohio, we have been breeding dogs for 30 years, Peekapoos for 19 years.  We only breed Peekapoos, and occasionally Pekingese.  All of our dogs are beloved house pets, we are not a kennel.  Our puppies are raised indoors underfoot.  Our dogs are intelligent, healthy, beautiful animals, gorgeous coats.  We only use AKC Pekingese Moms bred to AKC Toy (Teacup) Poodles, by using Pekingese mothers, the puppies will have more of the pekingese look, short legs, smooshy faces, tail curled over the back.  We use tiny toy poodles (4 lbs) as our stud dogs so our  puppies generally range from 4 to  8 lbs. (the average being 7 lbs) We  breed for temperment (most important!) our puppies will have 1st and 2nd shots, wormed, and have a health guarantee (we give a lifetime health guarantee against any genetic  life threatening health problem), references available upon request.  Visitors always welcome.  Read our Super Puppies page to see some of our puppy raising methods.

Give me a call or email for more info.

Amy (330) 745-7858

Go to the available puppy page to see our upcoming litters

Puppies are $1500

Holly she is a Dave and Stacy puppy


Go to the available puppy page  (link at the top right of this page) to see our available puppies

 Emmy and Holly-they are Stacy and Dave's teacup peekapoo puppies


Macy and Dave's 6 week old sable male Peekapoo


(330) 745-7858 Amy


I only use tiny toy poodles in my breeding program, not the mini or standard poodles. here is my best friend Dave next to his friend Chablis a standard poodle, Dave is a whopping 4 lbs. and is the father of many of my peekapoo puppies

Our first litter of Parti peekapoos

Dolly and Mattie they are Patty and Dave's Teacup Peekapoo puppies


Charlie he is Rebecca and Dave's son



Edie and her teacup peekapoo puppy Marcy, her parents are Diane and Dave


Sophia she is Dave and Macy's Teacup Peekapoo Puppy, she is 9 months old in this photo


Cooper- 6 week old Peekapoo Puppy

Amy 330 745-7858 

Ari 9 months taking a drive 

Sammy at 1 year;  he is Macy and Dave's peekapoo puppy


A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself

(330) 745-7858 Amy