Peekapoo Pekeapoo Puppies

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 A description of each color...



This puppy is a sable, a sable will lighten to become cream colored, sometimes they keep a black mask








This is a sable puppy as an adult their color lighten so apricot or cream color

Cream and  Sable



   Cream puppy and  Sable puppy these are Whitney and Dave's babies

                 This is a sable puppy as an adult

Sable with white

This peekapoo  puppy is sable with white markings (white chin, paws,chest)


       Holly        Tuxedo Peekapoo (blk with white)



Black Brindle  Mariah and Brad's baby

This Puppy is Phantom (black and tan)  5 months


This puppy is Phantom (black and tan)


This is a Phantom puppy as an adult
Phantom with white









This is Charlie, he is Rebecca and Dave's Peekapoo puppy; he is a rare Phantom with white




Parti colored

                                  Parti colored

Parti colored

                  Parti colored puppies

Chocolate and white parti colored girl

Parti colored

 Red and white parti color and black and white parti


              Red Peekapoo

      Red black mask


                         Red Peekapoo

Silver  some puppies are born black but turn silver by 6 months old.   Silver looks like blue, the only difference is silver puppies have black nose leather and paw pads, Blue's have gray  noses and paw pads



Maggie is a very rare Chocolate and white Parti Pekingese, a true chocolate has a liver or brown nose, not black

Fawn black mask

 This peekapoo puppy is fawn with a black mask, it is similar to sable, but sable has black on the tips of the hair. The sable will end up the same color as the fawn with a black mask as adults once they are groomed and hair is cut


                    Fawn black mask


Pure black Peekapoos



     White Peekapoo  Roxy often has white puppies


Cream colored Peekapoo puppy 8 weeks

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